searching for something meaningful

Hi, everyone ! I’m in Ohio; under employed at age 60 do to long-time job loss awhile back. Now only have a seasonal summer position here. Wanting to do something from home as I get older, for pay, even part-time for a charity, non profits, organizations, etc, with my laptop. At this point, I feel a need to do something  meaningful with this moment of my life, but still spend quality time with my two kids and 6 grandkids, and take the time to work extra on the writings I have started. I especially would like to do the online marketing on any of these topics to get the word out : veterans issues; adult children of alcoholics; children/families; all kinds of distracted driving; bullying; suicide issues. Hopefully some heads of organizations will see this and assist me in these dreams. And at some point, I would consider doing any of this for free as things improve financially for me. I’ve always, throughout the years, volunteered my time and finances when I have been able. Thank you for allowing me to post this.


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