Hi, everyone. I’m a dedicated 60 years young dad and granddad who has been pretty much self-sufficient and have basically always worked since age 17 in some capacity . I even have worked a second position at times out of need, not out of greed for money. I have truly been blessed over-all and I appreciate everything I have or have had in good times and tough times. However, awhile back I lost a long time employment position, and lived off of my savings I still have until finding new employment through a long ago friend after 6 months or so. It is full-time during our summer months here in Ohio. Through connections with that position, I initially thought I had acquired a decent fill in position for the winter season here. However, after stickin g with it for a time, I realized I was not going to be paid by that individual for the initial marketing I was doing for his product. By then I lost out on 2 other possible opportunities that went to others. The seasonal summer work can’t begin again until March or April depending on the weather. And at age 60 now, there are things I did as needed in the past that I can’t quite do now like I did at age 30 or 40. I’ve been doing minimal odds and ends, and have gotten some help from my church and a little from an agency or two here locally. On top of that, a short time ago my bank account got compromised by someone. That has somewhat been rectified, but even with my bank waiving some fees, it has left my account in the negative at this time, causing other obligations to not get paid initially on time. I am not a freeloader  and have never asked for this type of assistance in my entire 60 years. I’m searching for a minimal financial gift or grant from some good soul out there to assist me in getting through this temporary dilemma and get through the next month and a half or so. Next car payment do and rent right around the corner. I only wish to receive, once, no more than $3,000 or less. My book and batch of short stories are not anywhere near ready to possibly be published yet to help me any. I’m searching big time for things I can do even at home with my laptop also; a lot of that will be pursued toward our next winter season as well, so I’m not in this position again. Thank You and God Bless – Jeff.  tygerramdad1@aol.com


searching for something meaningful

Hi, everyone ! I’m in Ohio; under employed at age 60 do to long-time job loss awhile back. Now only have a seasonal summer position here. Wanting to do something from home as I get older, for pay, even part-time for a charity, non profits, organizations, etc, with my laptop. At this point, I feel a need to do something  meaningful with this moment of my life, but still spend quality time with my two kids and 6 grandkids, and take the time to work extra on the writings I have started. I especially would like to do the online marketing on any of these topics to get the word out : veterans issues; adult children of alcoholics; children/families; all kinds of distracted driving; bullying; suicide issues. Hopefully some heads of organizations will see this and assist me in these dreams. And at some point, I would consider doing any of this for free as things improve financially for me. I’ve always, throughout the years, volunteered my time and finances when I have been able. Thank you for allowing me to post this. tygerramdad1@aol.com